terms of service

The following are basic terms of service for www.beginart.com, account.beginart.com, and any portfolio websites created by beginART. Users who do not agree with these terms should not use the site. Users who do not comply with these terms may have their accounts suspended or revoked.


By signing up for a beginART account, you give beginART permission to contact you about our products and services.  We will not share or sell your email address with any other individual or institution without your permission. We will honor your request if you wish to be removed from our mailing list.

By uploading images to account.beginart.com, you confirm that they are your original work and that you have the legal right to display and distribute them. If we determine that you are misrepresenting yourself or your work, we may suspend your account and/or pursue legal action.

Any images on a public beginART portfolio website may be reproduced and displayed by beginART online or in print, including, but not limited to, www.beginart.com and any associated pages, and printed promotional materials. The artist will be credited by name in these instances wherever reasonably possible. No further compensation or royalties may be claimed by the artist for these uses of the images.


Images on account.beginart.com are securely stored on our password-protected server. Images are only viewable by the account owner and beginART admins.

We do not advise you to use your beginart account as the only storage location for your images. We will make every effort to maintain beginART accounts and image storage for users in good standing, but cannot be held responsible for lost data. beginART reserves the right to delete user accounts.


After your first upload session at account.beginart.com, you will receive a welcome email. This email will contain detailed information on our portfolio website services and explain how to get started in three easy steps (providing your images, choosing and paying for a plan, and initiating your site design).

After these steps are complete, you will receive a preliminary site design within five business days.

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